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June 2019
Tiffany, Certified Nursing Assistant
Denver, CO
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June employee of the month Tiffany deserves this recognition for a multitude of reasons. For one, she always takes her work seriously and is dedicated to patient care. She demonstrates this by making it to her scheduled shifts on time and prepared. With over 300 hours of per diem shifts worked, Tiffany has proven herself to the staff here at integrated, as well as to the thankful nurse managers who she assists daily. A true team player, Tiffany also provides a lot of feedback and tips about the facilities she works at to assist in making other clinicians’ jump in with both feet prepared and ready to go. She also never misses a chance to brighten Integrated’s Portland staffing team’s day by sharing a joke with them. Tiffany is kind, engaged, and reliable, which is why we are proud to recognize her as the June 2019 Employee of the Month.

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