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August 2020
Dottie, RN
Denver, CO
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Integrated Healthcare Staffing is proud to announce our selection for August Employee of the Month: Dottie!

Dottie has been with Integrated since late 2018, when she joined us as an RN out of Colorado branch. She is not only a great RN working in our LTC communities, but she also works as a teacher for a local medical school, where she trains and educates the next generations of CNAs!

“Dottie is a hustler – she is always wanting to pick up hours whenever whereever she can,” Jarred Cox, Denver Branch Manager, said. “She is a team player – if CNAs are short on the floor, she has no problem jumping in to help.”

Dottie is highly sought after and gets requested by our facilities on a regular basis. Cox added that Integrated current has three (3!) facilities trying to book her. 

We are thankful to have her in our office, as she brings a great attitude, and a friendly an
d funny personality to Integrated and our clients.

Thank you Dottie!

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