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Getting Started

It’s easy! You can either complete a quick application or a full application online. Once submitted, an Integrated Representative will contact you with information about placement possibilities. You also are encouraged to call in and speak with a representative at any time.

Our team will request a series of documents that will need to be submitted. The sooner the requests are met, the sooner you can start!

Online Portal

Yes. It’s easy. You’ll get to know our Clinician Portal during your application process. We’ll help you conveniently manage all your shift requests and timekeeping digitally.

From the online portal on your computer or tablet, or via the app on your phone, you can search for shifts, respond to shift alerts, identify preferred facilities, and more.

With the Integrated Clinician Portal (available via computer or phone), you can find, book, and confirm shifts from any device with internet access. It’s easy to use, and we’ll share all the tips and tricks during your orientation.

Pay and Benefits

We offer some of the most competitive Per Diem wages in the industry. For Travel Contracts we offer flexible pay packages that include taxable hourly pay, tax-free housing stipends, meals and incidental allowance, travel reimbursement, license/certificate reimbursement, and health benefits or allowance.

Benefits are offered to eligible employees, ask your recruiter for details.

You will receive a pay check every week. You have 3 options: checks can be directly deposited into your bank account at no charge, you can come into the office to pick up your check every Friday, or pay checks can be mailed out to you. All funds are available every Friday.

You can receive up to $500 depending on certification and assignment.


Clinicians that accept qualifying Travel Assignments will receive a tax free stipend for housing. You have the freedom to use the stipend housing arrangements that meet your unique needs.

Per Diem

If you are open to Day/Eve/Night/Weekend shifts and are flexible to commute within reason you will receive an abundance of shifts.

No, per diem is not guaranteed. Integrated has a very strong relationship with the facilities where we send our staff and typically our scheduled shifts stick. In the event that a shift is cancelled we can easily re-route you to another shift.

We request that you are available to work at least four shifts per month

All employees should provide availability every week for the following 2 weeks. This allows us to offer shifts that meet your schedule.

Keep your availability updated with our office or via the Clinician Portal! From there our staffing software will match you up with shifts you are looking for and you can either request the shifts you want or our staff will reach out to get you scheduled. Employees with matching availability will get calls first.

Yes, please have a timecard filled out for each shift.


We are well informed and will share with you every detail we have about the contracts and facilities. If there is something that you want to know that we do not have an immediate answer to, our contract managers can find out for you very quickly!

This depends on the unit, skills specialty and facility you are looking to work in!

The clients and hospitals we work with all have different requirements and preferences, however, the majority of them request a minimum 1 year of experience for the unit you would like to work in. For some specialties like PACU, Cath Lab, ER or other higher acuity specialties, the minimum amount of experience can be as high as 2 to 5 years.

Your recruiter will work along with you to create a profile which highlights your skills and experience within your scope of work for a successful placement.

We have contracts available for you nationwide! Our recruiters can go over all of your options.

We have contracts available at all types of hospitals. Anywhere from Level 1 Trauma Teaching & Magnet Hospitals to Community based hospitals. Our staff will work with you to determine the type of facility you may feel most comfortable at!

This depends on the facility. Our team will provide timekeeping requirements as part of your first day instructions.

General Questions

The answer to this question is emphatically — that depends on you!

We have hundreds of contracts available across the country along with per diem offices in Arizona (Phoenix), Colorado (Denver), Oregon (Portland), and Washington (Seattle/Tacoma). Whether you are looking for contract assignments or per diem work, we are here to help! Think about where you are licensed and what adventure you want to go on next. Working along with your recruiter is the best way to plan for future work!

This will depend on the facility. First day instructions are provided to the traveler prior to the start. Per Diem employees will be told prior to arriving on site.

Any individual or organization that has a concern about the quality and safety of patient care provided by Integrated healthcare professionals, which has not been addressed by Integrated Healthcare Solutions management, is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission at www.jointcommission.org or by calling the Office of Quality Monitoring at 630-792-5636

Timecards will be added to all paychecks/stubs being mailed out. If you need more timecards please stop by the branch or call to have some mailed out.

Have questions? Call us at (877) 670-7407