Team Member Spotlight

November 2019
Michealon, CNA
Denver, CO
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Long-time Integrated employee Michealon has been setting a strong example of what an Integrated employee should look like, having picked up per diem shifts for the past six years. And he’s not just working one or two days a week, he’s an “Ironman” who carries a full-time schedule at multiple facilities which clamor for his service whenever they hear he’s available. What makes Michealon so sought after? Well, facilities site his flexibility, reliability, and ability to adapt to new situations. Integrated staffers cite his great attitude and communication, and the fact that he’s always willing to pick up extra or last-minute shifts to help out. We are proud to have Michealon act as “the eyes and ears of Integrated” wherever he goes, as he is personable and gets along with everyone he comes in contact with. He’s a great source of referrals who has brought in a lot of quality clinicians to our team. His insights into facilities and staffers helps our staffing team bring the best clinicians to the facilities we staff and help make Integrated a better staffing agency. For these reasons, we are proud to award Michealon the November 2019 Employee of the Month award.

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