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October 2019
Jennifer, LPN/RN
Denver, CO
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Seattle branch LPN/RN Jennifer is the perfect example of what can be achieved when one sets goals and is dedicated to their craft. A Psych LPN who started taking shifts through Integrated in July 2018, she spent her off time hitting the books and studying to get her Registered Nurse license, something she achieved just a year later on July 31, 2019. “I want everyone to know they are CAPABLE of reaching their goals,” she wrote to us at the time. “I was told at one time that I’d never be a nurse. Fierce dedication is what it takes!” Described by those who work with her as kind, sweet, and genuine, Jennifer demonstrates her value by being extra communicative with Integrated’s staffing team and following through on her commitments. She’s always willing to take on extra shifts when she’s available and seamlessly adapts to the needs and priorities of the facilities she works to meet the needs of her patients. Jennifer is a pro at engaging in clear, timely and positive communication and regularly expresses gratitude in her messages to Integrated employees and is always emotionally intelligent and mindful. “We know once she takes a shift, she will keep that shift. Her word is gold.” Integrated is proud to award the October 2019 Employee of the Month award to this solid and reliable employee.

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