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February 2020
Hakima, CNA
Denver, CO
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Certified Nursing Assistant Hakima started working with Integrated in June 2019, starting out at Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing facilities. She really found her niche though, once she started picking up shifts at Maricopa County Corrections facilities. Since she started working there in August, she has been consistently picking up shifts and is currently on her 7th block booking with them. In addition to being reliable and dependable, Hakima is also flexible, being agreeable to picking up extra shifts and floating her schedule to accommodate the needs of her unit. The Phoenix staff also praises her communication, noting that she’ll always let them know when something comes up and is quick to respond to calls and emails. Hakima is also a diligent clinician for Integrated, keeping on top of her credentials, and making sure she is eligible to keep working. She also is working on furthering her education to move up in the healthcare industry. For these reasons, Integrated is proud to present Hakima the February 2020 Employee of the Month award.

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