Team Member Spotlight

July 2020
David, RN
Denver, CO
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Integrated Healthcare Staffing wants to congratulate David (Arizona) as our Employee of the Month!

David returned to Integrated this year after originally being hired back in 2013. He has been an absolute champion for his patients, averaging 10.5-hour shifts and working over 470 hours since March!   Aside from picking up urgent shifts, David has primarily worked in COVID units without complaint. He has been an example of reliability for both Integrated and the facilities he represents.

Phoenix Branch adds, “We never have to worry about whether David will work his scheduled shifts!”  

“We can always count on him to call us when something comes up, he [always] returns our calls and emails when we need to communicate with him, and he is on top of making sure his credentials are up to date in our system!” they continued.  

John Perri, Integrated’s VP of Branch Development, calls David an excellent nominee for Employee of the Month. We couldn’t agree more.  

Congratulations, David!  

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