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April 2019
Daniel, Certified Nursing Assistant
Denver, CO
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April employee of the month Daniel is passionate about working with Veterans, relocating from Phoenix to Tucson in January, 2019 just to be able to work in the Veteran’s Homes that Integrated staffs. Since that time this committed CNA has consistently worked a full-time schedule and has completed more than 40 shifts for a total of more than 475 hours. Daniel’s attitude and great work ethic have endeared him to the facilities he works, with the staffing coordinator saying that multiple units “fight over him” to have them on their floor/unit. She says that he is easy to work with and does whatever task is asked of him without complaint. A communicative CNA, Integrated’s Phoenix staff says that they never have to worry about Daniel working his scheduled shifts or keeping them updated on his availability. He is quick to let them know when something comes up and returns calls and emails immediately and submits his timecards by the Monday morning deadline. For these reasons, along with his excellent caregiving to Veterans, that we are proud to award Daniel the April 2019 Employee of the Month award.

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