Team Member Spotlight

June 2020
Brianna, CNA
Denver, CO
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“Denver CNA Brianna is keeping Integrated’s clients and her patients in the Mile-High City happy with her strong work ethic and positive attitude. A per diem nursing assistant, she regularly picks up anywhere between 16-40 hours weekly, even working doubles on the weekends if needed.

Brianna earns the praise of the Denver branch staffers by regularly communicating with them to keep them updated on her availability and answering their calls and emails for fill-in shifts. They share that even when her shifts get cancelled, she stays positive and rolls with the changes.

Her positive attitude is contagious, extending to the facilities where she works. She even received high praise from the DON of one facility who noted that she stayed and helped out when there was a no call, no show, plus an employee going home sick on a recent weekend, leaving them short two staffers. “Brianna (and another Integrated staffer) did not miss a beat,” she writes. “She completed everything that needed to be done without complaint and worked hard and gave 100 percent to help pick up the slack. She was amazing.””

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