Team Member Spotlight

July 2019
Brenda, Certified Nursing Assistant
Denver, CO
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July Employee of the Month Brenda is a paragon of reliability, having worked shifts for Integrated for a solid 10 years. She currently puts in a full-time schedule of 40+ hours per week at some of Integrated’s biggest clients. Brenda takes her job seriously and works her personal life around her Integrated shifts. She is communicative with the staffing team and nurse managers at facilities and keeps them updated on her availability and is always willing to help out in a pinch. A caring and compassionate CNA, Brenda always gets excellent feedback wherever she works for her reliability and positive attitude. We always hear how she always has a smile on her face wherever she goes, and one facility coordinator even let us know that “on the days Brenda is scheduled that the day is going to go right and the residents will have a good experience.” For these reasons, we are proud to recognize Brenda as the July 2019 Employee of the Month.

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