State of Staffing 2024

Your Keys to Success in 2024

For Integrated Healthcare Staffing Employees

What we experienced during COVID was unprecedented. Facilities did what it took. Per diem clinicians, especially RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, worked hard and were in high demand with commensurate compensation.

Since then, things have changed. This report highlights the current state of per diem healthcare staffing in 2024. This is what it takes to thrive.

As the market changes, Integrated Healthcare Staffing is utilizing our experience to shape our playbook.

Our goal: Help our team retain the flexibility they love at the level of work they desire.

Below, we’ve contrasted the driving factors in facility hiring between COVID (2020-2022) and today. We’ve also included the approach we’re taking and requiring of all our employees to ensure optimal opportunities for them.

How Per Diem Work Changed from 2020 to 2024​

Adapt and Win! Use the Integrated Playbook!

As always, Integrated is delivering a personal, relationship-driven opportunity, shaped to your needs to the greatest extent possible.

Given these new market realities, we’re mentoring our team to pivot so you can continue achieving your goals. Per diem work remains an exceptionally flexible and rewarding career.

Here are the four keys to your success in 2024:

Key #1 - Be Reliable

Always provide a reliable, exceptional experience. Be a clinician facilities ask for by name.

Key #2 - Be Ready

Be ready and willing to work on short notice. Facilities often turn to staffing partners for help with these shifts.

Key #3 - Be Agile

If your shift is canceled, be ready to work somewhere else when you're redirected to a new opportunity. Integrated works hard to backfill shifts!

Key #4 - Be Prepared

Because few shifts carry bonuses, build your schedule accordingly to achieve your financial goals.

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