Portland Branch

Portland Branch

Founded in 1998, Integrated began as a local healthcare staffing agency in Portland, Oregon.

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Wetzel is Integrated Healthcare Staffing’s new Portland Branch Manager.

Nathan comes to us with 20+ years of staffing background in multiple industries and has successfully managed branches in Portland and through the US. We are all excited that Nathan has joined the Integrated Portland Team.

Integrated Portland is still supported by our talented team of staffing coordinators and recruiters who will continue to manage your day-to-day staffing needs.

As of 09/28, Nathan will be your contact for anything not directly related to daily staffing such as process changes, concerns or other feedback.

Feel free to reach out to Nathan via email at nathan@integratedhealthcaresolutions.com or call him directly at (503) 670-7407 ext. 311.  He will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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