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About Integrated

Founded in 1998, Integrated began as a local healthcare staffing agency in Portland, Oregon.

As an experienced staffing entrepreneur, Jeff Kruse believed healthcare staffing could be done better – with more human touch, respect, and integrity. Today, Jeff and the Integrated team lead a people-focused business providing per diem and travel opportunities nationally, including five regional offices. 

In an industry where intense demand and limited supply often makes people feel like a number, Integrated is committed to delivering the personal service and support people want and deserve. Jeff and his team are proud that the healthcare industry has learned to expect more from Integrated.

Our Mission

To be recognized throughout the healthcare industry as a fair and honest partner to clients and employees.

Our Values

Where You Can Work with Us

Our local offices serve five states, supporting a wide range of clinician assignments and travel opportunities across the country.

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Team member spotlight

November 2021
Margaret, CNA
Seattle, WA

Integrated Healthcare Staffing is proud to announce our selection for November Employee of the Month: Margaret!

Since she started at Integrated she has been flexible and willing to work wherever she was needed. Margaret’s goal is to become a registered nurse. She is a wonderful addition to our Seattle branch. We appreciate everything she does!

Thank you, Margaret!

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