About Us

Integrated Healthcare Staffing is a national healthcare staffing agency specializing in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals for per diem, contract and travel assignments. Our Integrated family consists of Integrated Healthcare Staffing, Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Integrated Medical Systems.

You can find our Per Diem branches in major cities throughout the United States, including Anaheim, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Portland, and Seattle.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated and supported throughout our organization. Our clinical specialists ensure that each employee is thoroughly screened and meets all state, federal, and JCAHO requirements.

Founded in 1998 in Portland, Oregon, Integrated Healthcare has since gained a national presence, operating successful branches across the country. We have established an organization based on a family oriented culture, working together toward the common goal of building personal relationships with clients and staff derived from trust and integrity.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We are devoted to creating a team approach to providing service to both our clients and staff. Our goal is to bridge the gap between critical facility staffing needs and highly skilled professionals ready to provide quality care.

Employee of the Month: Fatima

It is with great honor we are able to recognize Fatima as our December Employee of the Month. Fatima is a hardworking CNA with our Denver branch and has been a part of the Integrated Team since May of 2016. Fatima specializes in Long Term Care and has been averaging 57 hours per week since August! She is an absolutely outstanding employee with an incredible commitment to her profession. Fatima is open to working any day or shift, often working 2 doubles a week and sometimes even 3. Rightfully so, Integrated isn't the only company who recognizes her dedication, she is a facility favorite and has even been offered full time employment.

Aside from being an all-star employee, Fatima is such a joy to work with. She has such a pleasant spirit and practices the best care for every one of the residents she spends time with. We would like Fatima to know how much our entire company appreciates her loyalty to Integrated, her commitment to healthcare, and what a quality person she is overall!


  • Integrated expanded my resume and has provided me full time hours for years, it is a great place to work! I work in the Hospital’s, step down units, long term care facilities and hospice care units all over the Denver area

    CNA with Integrated since 2011
  • Integrated has done an exceptional job with keeping me placed at wonderful facilities since I started traveling. They always answer all of my questions and provide the best service to me while I am on the road.

    RN, Traveler
  • I have worked for Integrated on and off for about 4 years now. They always answer the phone and get back to you very quickly. They are always supportive and eager to help. I've really enjoyed exploring the Pacific Northwest thanks to Integrated! I've worked for a few other companies and this one tops them all!

    RN with Integrated since 2010
  • Integrated is an amazing company to work for! I just recently finished my first contract job after being a nurse for 22 years...it was a little scary and intimidating; however the Staff at Integrated was extremely supportive, encouraging, professional and prompt. My first contract is now complete and it is the best experience I have ever had in my career. I look forward to continuing working with Integrated! I am proud to be a part of the Integrated Family!

    RN, Traveler
  • IHS has been a blessing for me. I came on-board in June 2014. I met the employees and they extended their time with me and I became an employee of IHS and have been blessed since day one. IHS is not only my employer but my family. Trust me when I say they go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your needs as an employee are met. So come on and become an employee of IHS and you will never be let down.

  • I appreciate the offices effort and professionalism. They work so hard to keep me working!

    RN with Integrated since 2012
  • My Integrated Travel Representative is the best, most helpful, caring and knowledgeable recruiter I have ever worked with. He truly is one in a million.

    Rad Tech with Integrated since 2013
  • I've never worked for a company that helps me succeed in my goals as a CNA like Integrated has done. The team at Integrated has worked hard to open doors for me to further my experience, and has given me the opportunity to work in the setting I have always wanted to since I became a CNA 5 years ago. I now have my dream job . I get to travel through different hospitals and units, building my knowledge along the way to help me decide which field I want to specialize in as an RN. I am forever grateful to Integrated for giving me a job that I love, and for treating me like family, not just an employee.