Meet Karen, Our September Employee of the Month


Karen, Licensed Vocational Nurse

Richmond, Texas


Words can’t even describe how absolutely grateful we are for our September Employee of the Month. Karen, a Licensed Vocational Nurse specializing in Long Term Care, has worked 67 shifts since she joined our Houston Team at the end of February this year. Karen is a favorite at a local facility where she has worked all but 3 of her shifts. We are constantly hearing how much she is loved by their patients and staff which comes as no surprise to us! She is such a reliable employee and is always able to make herself available when the facility needs her.

On the morning of August 25, Karen packed a bag knowing she would be in for the long haul and headed over to the facility where she usually works. When Hurricane Harvey tragically hit in Houston, she weathered the storm and stayed at the facility providing care to her patients for 5 days straight, not leaving until the evening of August 30. When our staffing specialist spoke with her on the phone, Karen with her usual pleasant attitude said, “I just did what needed to be done. Someone had to be there to help them.” Karen has truly touched our hearts and it is people like her that make this world a better place.

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