Meet Fatima, Our December Employee of the Month


Fatima, CNA

Denver, Colorado

It is with great honor we are able to recognize Fatima as our December Employee of the Month. Fatima is a hardworking CNA with our Denver branch and has been a part of the Integrated Team since May of 2016. Fatima specializes in Long Term Care and has been averaging 57 hours per week since August! She is an absolutely outstanding employee with an incredible commitment to her profession. Fatima is open to working any day or shift, often working 2 doubles a week and sometimes even 3. Rightfully so, Integrated isn’t the only company who recognizes her dedication, she is a facility favorite and has even been offered full time employment.

Aside from being an all-star employee, Fatima is such a joy to work with. She has such a pleasant spirit and practices the best care for every one of the residents she spends time with. We would like Fatima to know how much our entire company appreciates her loyalty to Integrated, her commitment to healthcare, and what a quality person she is overall!

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