Meet Ashley, Our January Employee of the Month


Ashley, LPN

Denver, Colorado

It’s time to announce our first Employee of the Month for 2017. This January we would like to recognize Ashley, a dedicated and hardworking LPN for our Denver office! She is loved by all who have the pleasure of working with her. Whether that be her patients, the clients and facility staff she works alongside and finally her team here with Integrated.

Since becoming a clinician with Integrated, Ashley has gone above and beyond providing exceptional care to her patients. Shortly after Ashley began with us, she was working block bookings with one of our facilities, they enjoyed her so much that within 6 months she was hired on full time. While it is completely understandable that anyone would want to hire her on as part of their permanent staff, we were still saddened by the thought of losing such a wonderful employee. Lucky for us, Ashley chose to continue working per diem through our Denver office IN ADDITION to her new full-time position!

Ashley is still such a committed and reliable LPN, is always picking up weekend shifts and continues to share her positive personality with all. We love seeing Ashley when she stops by each week and look forward to a long-lasting relationship!

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